Academic Exchange Program

Approximately 10 days long, our academic exchanges allow students the opportunity to practice their foreign language skills in another country, stay in a home with their international peers, and explore that country’s culture by attending a local school. Students from both countries involved in the academic exchange program take turns hosting and visiting each other’s homes, forging friendships while exploring each other’s culture and history.  

We currently offer international academic exchange experiences in Spain and France. When students from those countries visit Richmond, they attend classes, participate in extracurricular activities (such as athletics games and club meetings), and usually conclude their stay with a day trip to Washington, DC. Our students engage in similar activities when they are abroad. Host families in both countries will often plan day trips for the students to see areas of significance. In Virginia, it is not uncommon for families to plan a quick excursion to the beach, the mountains, or other regional historic sites. Abroad, our students visit cathedrals, historic cities, beaches, and more. In addition to the more formalized cultural experiences, students have the opportunity to spend social time with their “sisters,” meet their friends, shop, and explore together!