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Our rigorous college preparatory curriculum prepares students for the academic demands of college. Both in and out of the classroom, students are educated and prepared for the next steps that they will take in their education. During the extensive college search and application process, our school counselors support, guide, and encourage our Gators with their next steps after graduation. 

The college process is a meaningful time of personal growth as students engage in self-discovery, self-advocacy, goal-setting, and decision-making. Our goal is for the students to take ownership of the college application process by identifying their strengths, determining objectives for the future, and creating a plan to succeed. 

Beginning with underclassmen, our counselors guide course registration of each student to ensure she is on the path to success based on her goals for the future. During junior year, counselors start the intensive college planning process with structured student-parent conferences. When students become seniors, we partner with each student to ensure she finishes the college application process for all of the schools of interest. Throughout the entire process, our school counselors work with students and their families to maximize choices that best suit students' interests and aspirations. When a young woman engages in this process, she enhances her healthy independence, confidence, and leadership, and she recognizes that her college choice is the result of considerable effort and investment.

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    Patricia Hunt 

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