Richmond is Our Campus!

Centrally located in Richmond’s Museum District students and faculty of SGHS use specific collections and visiting exhibits at VMFA and the Virginia Historical Society to expand the academic program. Walking there and back in one class period allows faculty to capitalize on these widely recognized community resources, using the museums as an extension of our campus. Our faculty make connections between museum collections and history, culture, sociology, science, art, and more. By visiting local cultural institutions, we embrace the community in which our school is located and connect with the art and artifacts located in our neighborhood.

All School Field Trip to DC
One day of the school year is devoted to mobilizing the entire student body to Washington D.C. to explore our nation’s iconic buildings and cultural institutions. Designed and facilitated by faculty leaders, each of the four classes has its own specific itinerary tailored to the curricular focus for that grade level. Students experience first hand the treasures of museums, memorials and monuments gaining insight into pivotal leaders, historical events, government procedures, and the fabric of American culture.

Carytown is an urban shopping district near the school that features over 250 eclectic stores and restaurants within a nine block section of Cary Street. Students use this close proximity as a resource for Graphic Design, Video Editing, Sociology and Foreign Language classes. In addition, students walk to Carytown for lunch on early release days, taking in a variety of local restaurants in our community.