Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is an online nine-week course designed to give students the tools they need to be active and engaged 21st-century learners.

All new students are required to take this course so they will be able to access information responsibly, reflect critically on their findings, and communicate what they have learned with others. These academic skills will be valuable both during the student’s years at Saint Gertrude High School, as well as college and beyond. During this course students will develop knowledge of good digital citizenship and put those skills into practice.

Throughout their four years at Saint Gertrude, students are always encouraged to be mindful of the digital footprint they create both in and out of school.

The purpose of this unit is to introduce the technology tools that students will use at Saint Gertrude High School. The topics covered in this unit are learning to navigate the way around our network and GatorNet, Google drive, including using Google docs and presentations, Google Classroom, collaborating with classmates, and understanding the SGHS Responsible Use Policy.

Information Literacy: Part 1

Understanding of copyright law and how to cite sources so that credit is given as necessary.

Copyright, Fair Use and Public Domain: What does that mean?

Plagiarism:  What is it? How do I avoid it?

Information Literacy: Part 2

The purpose of this unit is to equip students with the skills necessary for active, engaged learning. Students will learn the steps of the inquiry process, from developing a question, to finding information, thinking critically about their findings, and demonstrating their findings in a meaningful way.

Students will learn:

  • Knowledge of the purpose of databases
  • Ability to compare databases and Internet
  • Knowledge and use of Saint Gertrude High School databases
  • Ability to evaluate websites
  • Search strategies
  • Ability to draw meaning and conclusions from scholarly sources
  • How to use NoodleTools for Citations

The purpose of this unit is to explore how to use technology appropriately and responsibly so that the digital footprint we create reflects a positive image. The ability to use technology (internet, computers, and mobile devices) appropriately and responsibly is an important aspect of modern life.

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