Discover Leadership

Student Leadership at Saint Gertrude High School

Developing leadership skills has been an integral part of a Saint Gertrude education for as long as most faculty and alumnae can remember. Leadership means more than taking the seat at the top of an organizational chart. It is a combination of caring, passion, confidence, and initiative. And it is built on the foundation of a well-developed ethical and moral code.

We believe that leadership education belongs at every level of the school experience. Toward that end, we have incorporated an age-appropriate program of skill-building that begins with the freshman year and adds greater levels of complexity and comprehension as our students mature.

Beginning with self-awareness and discovery, through exercises in team-building, public speaking, creative problem solving, and administrative responsibility; and culminating in sophisticated problems of ethics, community leadership, and philanthropy, our students discover the roles and styles of leadership that work for them, and learn to put these lessons to work in everything they take on.

Our goal is that every Saint Gertrude student will graduate with the confidence and ability to recognize and accept the leadership opportunities to which she is best suited.

Freshman begin their journey of self-awareness and reflection.

YEAR ONE is designed for each young woman to develop a healthy sense of self and to begin to understand what it mens to lead. Students are encouraged to handle setbacks and challenges through a combination perseverance, determination, grit, intuition and common sense. These factors are often the most predictive variables of real world performance.

Special Programs:

  1. “Leadership Be’s”: What it means to be a leader. Seniors design and present workshop introducing the Discover Leadership Program to the freshman.
  2. Health & Wellness: Students learn a healthy mind and body is the foundation for a good leader.
  3. Challenge Discovery – University of Richmond: Students transition from learning about “Me” to “We” in preparation for the second year of the Discovery Leadership Program.

In YEAR TWO of The Discover Leadership program students focus on the differences between personal vision and communal vision, or consensus. Their growing sense of self becomes a platform for acquiring the practical skills necessary to “make things happen”. By engaging in a variety of team-building activities with their classmates, students develop a deeper understanding of their unique role as part of a greater whole, and begin to recognize the elements of good relationship.

Sophomore refine collaboration skills and learn to be team players.

Special Programs:

  1. Team building: Students participate in team-building activities that highlight how each young woman’s role influences her “team”.
  2. Character & Integrity: A motivational speaker guides students to examine how one’s character and integrity influences a group.
  3. Media Relationships: Students learn how developing a positive social media presence supports one as an effective leader.

In YEAR THREE, students identify community issues, develop possible solutions, and present their ideas to each other and to school administration. They experience the value of engaging in service to a cause larger than themselves.

Juniors examine community understanding and creative problem solving.

Special Programs:

  1. Community Spotlight: Local and regional changemakers inspire students to be a voice for good in society.
  2. Community Presentations: Students present a community issue and solution to their class and school administration sharpening their public speaking skills in the process.
  3. Networking: Students learn to put their best foot forward by making professional connections and preparing for summer internships.

During YEAR FOUR of the Discover Leadership program, the girls engage with strong female role models who are making a difference in the community. In essence, each young woman is uncovering her true and bigger purpose in the world, and in doing so, is taking a major stride in bridging the divide between high school and the next step in their journey.

Seniors prepare to meet the challenges of our changing world

Special Programs:

  1. Strong Female Role Models: Alumnae return to share their perspectives, give advice and answer questions about their professional lives.
  2. Personal Finance: Students learn the money managements skills necessary to becoming financially responsible adults.
  3. Self-Defense: Seniors participate in a self-defense program designed to build self-confidence and personal safety skills as they prepare to leave for college.
  4. Stress Management: Students prepare to navigate stressful situations in college and in life.
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