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Personalized Tuition for Every Family

Our commitment to educational equity is foundational to Saint Gertrude High School. The New Flexible Tuition Program is that commitment in action.

Nearly 100 years ago, the Benedictine Sisters of Virginia founded Saint Gertrude High School with the goal of educating young women to learn, lead, and serve in a complex and fast-changing world. Throughout the decades, our school and our graduates have thrived because of this vision. Yet, for too long, costs have been perceived as a barrier to access the unique educational opportunity provided at Saint Gertrude.

The Benedictine Sisters are dedicated to creating a school with a diverse, nurturing, and inclusive culture in which together we make each other stronger. As such, the commitment to educational equity is foundational to Saint Gertrude High School. The New Flexible Tuition Program is that commitment in action.

Flexible Tuition, also known as indexed tuition or variable tuition, is a sliding scale tuition model designed to meet each family’s unique financial situation. While every family will continue to contribute their daughter’s tuition and fees, our New Flexible Tuition Program enables all families the opportunity to access an affordable Saint Gertrude education for their daughters.

One of the most attractive qualities of the New Flexible Tuition Program is its simplicity. Families with the economic means to do so will continue to pay the actual cost of educating a young woman at Saint Gertrude (i.e., full tuition), and those whose family resources are less abundant will pay a tuition fee based on their ability. Thus, all students are afforded the opportunity to be welcomed into our community as equals and will be prepared to succeed in a world that is as economically, culturally and racially diverse as they are.

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The Flexible Tuition Program Application Process

1. Fill out a FACTS application
Saint Gertrude utilizes FACTS, the nation’s leading provider of tuition management, grant, and aid assessment. FACTS reviews families financial circumstances and takes into account such factors as family size, adjusted gross income, number of children attending schools that charge tuition, and assets/liabilities that are not reflected in household income. The same financial information is asked of all parents. The confidential application is easy and free, and most families complete the application in about 15 minutes.

2. Saint Gertrude receives the FACTS information
We receive a limited amount of information back from FACTS based on your application that allow us to assess the right tuition for each family.

3. A Flexible Tuition amount is determined for your family
Shortly after we receive your information back from FACTS, you’ll receive a tuition plan from Saint Gertrude outlining the costs you’ll be expected to pay.

Flexible Tuition FAQs

Flexible Tuition, also known as indexed tuition or variable tuition, is a sliding scale tuition model that is designed to meet each family’s unique financial situation. Instead of a one-sized-fits-all tuition rate, families will pay what they can afford.

The Flexible Tuition model is a different approach to financial aid. We recognize that many families who might not expect to be eligible for traditional financial aid still may qualify for a modest tuition discount. Rather than focusing on a tuition grant or aid, the focus is on: What level of tuition can my family afford to pay? Our goal is for our Flexible Tuition Program to make a Saint Gertrude education affordable to families for whom a traditional financial aid structure might not be helpful.

Flexible Tuition is calculated on the basis of financial information submitted by a family to FACTS, the nation’s leading provider of tuition management, grant, and aid assessment. Saint Gertrude’s Flexible Tuition Committee then reviews FACTS’ recommendation and makes a final determination of tuition.

Every family situation is unique, therefore we encourage any family interested in the Flexible Tuition Program to apply. Factors such as family size, income, expenses, assets, and other tuition obligations are considered in the FACTS assessment. There is an opportunity for sharing any extraordinary circumstances of which the committee should be aware.

No, only those families wishing to participate in the Flexible Tuition Program. If you do not participate in the Flexible Tuition Program, you will pay the full tuition rate for the year.

The school is committed to protecting the privacy of its families. Most financial information is handled by FACTS, and the school only receives a very limited profile. All financial information received by the school is held in the strictest confidence. Only the Flexible Tuition Committee has access to a family’s application materials.

No, admission to Saint Gertrude is based on a number of factors, and that does not include a desire to participate in the Flexible Tuition Program.

That would be one of the factors taken into consideration when establishing the tuition rate for each student.

In the case of parents/guardians who do not live together (e.g. divorced, separated, never married), each parent/guardian household must apply for the Flexible Tuition Program through FACTS. It is expected that both parents and all adults financially responsible for a student contribute to the cost of a student’s education regardless of legal agreements.

A family will receive their Flexible Tuition commitment for the year as part of their acceptance package or reenrollment letter.

As family circumstances vary, and as we expect a large number of families to apply for the program, not all students who apply for the Flexible Tuition Program can be accommodated. In other words, Flexible Tuition will be awarded on a first-come, first served basis.

Yes, families will need to re-apply through FACTS each year in which they would like to be considered for the Flexible Tuition Program.

Absolutely, especially if your family circumstances have changed.

No. Each family will pay a minimum of 20% of the full tuition rate.

There is a calculator, above. This calculator provides an estimated tuition range for your daughter based on household income (or adjusted gross income). The FACTS application will confirm your Flexible Tuition rate.

Saint Gertrude will continue to make alumnae scholarships, Saint Scholastica Awards, and other academic awards available to qualifying students. Such awards may be considered when determining a family’s Flexible Tuition rate.

The application for the Flexible Tuition Program should be completed by February 10 through FACTS. Those families submitting their completed FACTS application by February 10 have a much stronger likelihood of receiving Flexible Tuition (if they qualify) than those families who submit after the due date.

Returning students will receive first priority for the Flexible Tuition Program as long as your application and materials are submitted to FACTS by the February 10 deadline. This consideration includes returning families who have not applied for prior financial aid.

For incoming families, please contact our Admissions Office at

For returning families, please contact Marcia Davis at