Tennis Team Volunteers at Lobs and Lessons

At the end of October, Saint Gertrude High School’s Tennis Team attended an event with Lobs and Lessons. Lobs and Lessons is an award winning program at the Mary Frances Youth Center where kids from all areas of Richmond gather to learn about tennis and overall health, as well as life skills and academics. Bella Roman, senior, worked over the summer with VCU ASPiRE and learned about Lobs and Lessons through her work there. After meeting some of the kids and the director of the program, Roman was able to reach out and join her teammates to spend a day with Lobs and Lessons members. The Saint Gertrude Tennis Team answered the kids’ questions in a panel discussion and showed them some tennis drills and games. The team really enjoyed themselves and we love to see them give back to the community. Good Job Tennis! And Go Gators!