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Lindsay Holtz

Lindsay Holtz

School Counselor


SGHS History: I started here as the part-time campus minister in 2016 and my role has evolved over the past few years.

Hometown:  Richmond, VA

Why I wanted to be a counselor: I told my college advisor that I wanted to work with “normal people with normal issues”… this is what I came up with!  I love the scheduling piece — it satisfies my math/puzzle-solving brain. I really love the people side of it — working with students and parents.  I like being with high school students the best because they are becoming adults so they communicate and reason more like adults. High school was also very formative for me and I had an amazing school counselor when I was in high school.  She was a wonderful role model for me.

Fun Facts: My husband’s name is Rick and we have three children (Cole, 17, Seth, 15, Lily, 13),  two pets, a dog named Lexie and a turtle named Mabel.  I enjoy being outside, watching football, bicycling, knitting and being at the “rivah”/bay.  I love to travel and my favorite place I’ve ever been is Italy.  I enjoy doing most anything with my family, but especially the experiences we’ve had together through our Parrish doing work camps.  I’ve also taken two groups of SGHS girls to Haiti with Nurse Sams.  They were life changing!