COVID-19 Awareness and Information

The purpose of this page is to share what we know, helpful resources, and our recent communication with our families. The health and well-being of the Saint Gertrude community remains our highest priority.

Reopening Plan Update (August 2020)

Saint Gertrude High School is currently planning to open its doors on September 8 for face-to-face instruction, five days a week (as long as Virginia remains in Phase II or III). As a Benedictine community, it is important for us to gather, share, and be present with each other, particularly during this challenging and disorienting time.

We will also offer remote learning to students who need or choose that option. We are excited to share with you our plan to return to campus, Returning Stronger Together. You can access it by clicking here or viewing it below below. This plan outlines our approach and the various health and safety procedures and changes we’ve made in order to have a successful return to campus this fall. This plan is in a condensed format with the most important information for our BSoR families; however, if you’d like to read our entire plan that was submitted to the Virginia Department of Health, click here.

To read the full message that was sent to our community on August 18 from BSoR Principal, Dr. Michael Ashton, please click here. We are hopeful and excited to see all of you on campus soon!

As the world continues to study the latest developments in the outbreak of COVID-19 (formerly 2019-nCOV or novel Coronavirus), Saint Gertrude is focused on possible impacts on our students, faculty, and staff. To ensure our sound and careful decision-making, we are monitoring global, national, and local health organizations, the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, the Virginia Department of Health (VDH), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as regional, state, and national advisors. Additionally, we have employed our school’s crisis team to ensure we are informed and ready.

We encourage all families who have upcoming professional or personal travel scheduled to follow CDC travel guidance. If you or any of your family members travel outside of the Richmond area or have recently been diagnosed with a viral illness, please report it directly to Amy Pickral.

As details emerge and the situation evolves, we will send out messages as needed to ensure our community stays up-to-date.

Below you will find the correspondences that have been sent to our community thus far:

Tips for Distance Learning

  • Establish daily routines for engaging in the learning experiences
  • Identify a comfortable, quiet space in your home where you can work effectively and successfully. There’s no right or wrong place to study – if it works for you, that’s great. What’s important is that you choose somewhere that’s reasonably private and free from interruptions.
  • Complete assignments with integrity and academic honesty, doing your best work
  • Do your best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates
  • Communicate proactively with your teachers if you cannot meet deadlines or require additional support. All students get stuck at times – that’s normal. Just remember to talk things over, ask yourself questions, collaborate with a classmate, and ask your teachers.
  • Comply with Saint Gertrude’s Responsible Use Policy, including expectations for online etiquette