Cultural Interest Tours

The cultural interest component of our Cultural Travel Program highlights the more general educational aspects of travel. It is designed for the curious journeyer student who wants to dig deeper than just shopping and hanging out, but is looking for something less serious than our immersion experiences. Travel destinations are proposed by our faculty and staff, and are organized with professional tour companies offering a rich overview of the destinations that we visit. These excursions could include Rome and the Vatican with our Theology faculty, Europe with our Arts faculty, or Asia with our Social Studies faculty.

Discovery is at the heart of each trip as students tour historical sites, monuments, cathedrals, nature, museums, local communities, and more. Whether it’s visiting the D-Day beaches of Normandy, kneeling at the altar in St. Peter’s Basilica or gazing out over the Grand Canyon, students have the chance to experience a new perspective on the world. Travel adventures are usually 10- to 14- days and in line with a class curriculum.