Day of Giving

Time and time again, we hear that the bonds created at Saint Gertrude High School last a lifetime. Long after graduation, our alumnae continue to gather. And if you ask most Gerties, they will say that the women they met during their time at SGHS are more than friends; they are truly sisters.

On this year’s Day of Giving, we ask you to honor the place that brought you—your daughter, your sister, your niece, your granddaughter—a friendship that has lasted throughout the years, with a gift to Saint Gertrude High School. Join us on June 12!

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We have six challenges for SGHS’ Day of Giving. Help us unlock these challenges for additional funds to our Day of Giving.

Day of Giving FAQs
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Four Ways to Give

  1. Click here to give online.
  2. By phone: 804.822.3951
  3. Venmo App. Search for SGHS Giving
  4. By mail (please write Day of Giving in the memo line):
    Saint Gertrude High School
    3215 Stuart Avenue
    Richmond, VA 23221

Thank you to our generous donors for their support on this Day of Giving!

Anonymous (13)

Sarah-Davis LaLonde Abbott ’10

Chris and Amanda Crooker Adkins ’01

Timothy and ZaeAnne Sferra Allen ’01

Kelley M. Allison ’88

Thomas and Carol Bagley Amon ’64

Mandy Amphoux

Mary Downes Meyer Amrhein ’68

Scott Anderegg and Lisa Krizan

Kristen V. Angster ’03

David and Bobbi Hanky Ansell ’78

Joseph and Nancy Simms Anton ’64

Richard and Jennifer Fox Armour ’84

Steven and Maria Dart Ashburn ’85

Albert and Karen Azzarone

Thomas and Mary Meacham Bahen ’07

Suzie Grasberger Bailey ’80

Scott and Stacie Hamilton Baird ’82

Shelbie H. Baird ’16

Brooke A. Baldecchi ’14

Robert and Helen Jubran Barnes ’03

Kathleen Burke Barrett ’65

Maria K. Barrow ’64

Dione Lipscomb Bassett ’91

Kim D. Battle ’85

Alex and Ashton Goshorn Bauer ’03

Doug and Robin Baugh

Claire E. Baugh ’17

Robert and Katie Baughan

Kathleen M. Baughan ’16

Nancy C. Baughan ’69

Patricia Brown Bayliss ’63

Greg and Robbie Stanley Bean ’75

Marvin and Rennie Beck

Bill and Barbara Felthaus Beckstoffer ’53

Marissa R. Behm ’02

Ruppert and Danise Beirne

Derrek and Katheryn Biaklowski Belanger ’06

Jessica A. Bell ’07

Art and Ann Renee Garrett Bell ’82

Nicholas Bellaver

Haley K. Berling ’14

Scott and Katie Deverell Beverley ’90

Geoff and Bridgette Guedri Beyer ’03

Charles and Karen Markow Biggs ’81

Michael and Brenda Collins Blackard ’73

Thomas and Terri Bliley

Norbert and Kathy Holzgrefe Bliley ’68

Kelley Shanahan and Ward Bobitz  

Peter and Mary Thomas Boehling ’80

J.D. and Judith Kusterer Bolt ’76

Katherine C. Bond ’16

Richard and Christine Wallmeyer Bonfiglio ’86

Christina Daniel Bonini ’03

Howard and Cathy Walsh Bos ’81

Patricia Boschen ’64

Charles and Sherri Long Boschen ’71

Bill and Kaira Shelton Boston ’96

Marvin and Cecilia Wright Boswell ’81

Greg and Michelle Bowen

Jamie Bowling

James and Janice Shepherd Bowry ’81

Anne Morrison Bradley ’02

Lisa Farrell Bradley ’80

Sidney and Debbie Craven Bragg ’76

Keith and Nancy Lewis Brechtelsbauer ’73

Erin M. Brooks ’08

Channing A. Brooks ’16

Jonathan and Maria Giovenco Brown ’99

Mackland and Julie Christoph Brownell ’98

Jerry Sueys, Jr. and Clara Volgyi Burrow ’64

Chris and Christine Cadigan-Benonis ’04

John and Lisa Caperton

Nik Vukaj and Julia Caperton ’02

Michelle Carn

Brian and Colleen Carpinelli

Dan and Patty Carr

Emily Carr ’14

Jennifer R. Carr ’16

Joe and Margaret Sullivan Carr ’63

Gretchen Powell Carreras ’61

Joe and Beth Carpin Cashin ’80

Michael and Lisa Layne Castin ’86

Brenda Lackey Castro ’02

Michael and Kate Duke Chenault ’85

Church Hill Irish Festival

Sister Mary Clark, OSB

Class of 1970

Class of 1993

Renee Espinola Cohen ’73

Jennifer Reilly Connelly ’91

Eileen Farley Cooper ’61

Rebecca C. Corcoran ’01

Ryan and Prin Cowan

Taryn C. Cowan ’16

Rob and Kathie Cox

Ella K. Crawford ’19

Sherry Ratcliffe Crawford ’58

Glenn and Karen Matzuk Crawford ’70

Rebecca D. Creery ’82

Russell and Colleen Kiefer Cress ’79

Bryan and Amanda Gallagher Crouch ’00

Ray and Jacqueline Lanier Crouch ’81

James and Fran Cunningham

Brian and Danielle Curran

Ryan E. Cury ’16

Meghan N. Cyr ’12

Diane Biskobing and Doug Dabson

Dana C. Dabson ’16

Mary Ellen Daffron ’64

Barbara Leahey Daniel ’68

Mariah C. Daniel ’01

Paul and Elizabeth Thompson Daugherty ’81

Jay and Lara Davenport

Lou and Ann Normand Davidson ’78

Patti Moore Davis ’61

Thomas and Mary Simms Deaner ’60

Michael and Rita Anne Shand Dee ’76

Arun and Christina Dzierzek Dhir ’77

Meredith Dibert

Shawn and Terry Royster Dikes ’86

Thomas and Martha Twist DiLoreto ’88

Jason and Windsor Tyler DiMarcantonio ’06

Maynard and Evelyn Gragnani Dowdy ’78

David and Margaret Hendrick Downs ’77

Craig and Slater Farinholt Dunbar ’81

Willcox and Kate Dunn

Mark and Patty Dupuis

William Dvorak

James Cremins and Victoria Dvorak-Cremins ’79

Grace Edmunds ’17

Mary Beth Edwards

Brown and Kristy Bingham Edwards ’80

Nicholas and Kelly George Edwards ’96

Cole and Lee Elliott Egan ’78

Michelle Hayes Eichorn ’68

Robert and Margaret Owen Einig ’64

Mary G. Elsea ’78

Joseph and Mary Ellen Kramer Fahed ’72

Theresa Faina ’86

William and Kathie Hendrick Falls ’82

Emily Faraone ’13

Robert and Christine Shorter Farinholt ’86

Jonni Proffitt Farish ’63

Rick and Susan Farmer

Sheila Luby Farnham

Peter and Johanna Farrell

Emily Ferguson ’03

Ben Wasson and Elizabeth Ferguson ’93

Elizabeth A. Tait Fernandez ’08

Alexis Finc

Patrick and Mary Finnigan

Daryl Taylor and Mary Fisk-Taylor ’86

John and Alice Caravati Fitch ’57

Jay and Buffy Murphy Fitzgerald ’71

Donna M. Fleck ’86

Chris and Nicole D’Aria Florio ’03

Catherine Sutliff Foldesi ’72

Joel and Rebecca Tarabay Fore ’82

Rosa Esteve Foster ’73

Tom and Ellen Farmer Fountaine ’76

Bob and Diann Fox

The Friend Family

Emily Gliebe Fritz ’06

Ellen Horansky Gaberdiel ’74

Nicole Ellar Gallagher ’02

Emily T. Gallagher ’16

Patrick and Vickie Gantt

Charlie and Teresa Chancey Gates ’66

Patrick and Karen-Anne McEwen Gates ’05

Erin K. Geary ’18

Patrick and Mary Brooks Gee ’02

Adam and Abi Pillsbury Genazia ’03

Joe and Cathy Shibley George ’71

Lisa M. Gervasoni ’08

Erin Gervasoni ’09

Michael and Sheila Arrighi Gervasoni ’73

Sarah Kate Gervasoni ’13

Frances A. Giannini ’64

George and Brenda Netherwood Gibrall ’61

Barry and Toni Tucker Gibrall

William and Betsy Nash Gibson ’07

Mike and Paige Guedri Gill ’00

Ann M. Gillikin ’87

Neil and Carrington Kastelberg Gilliss ’97

Ann Schaefer Giovannetti ’56

Ted and Marion Alburger Gittings ’88

Stephen and Cheryl Garrett Goddard ’80 – The Community Foundation for a greater Richmond

Shuwanza R. Goff ’02

Steve and Pat Sowers Goodman ’71

John and Cheryl Goshorn III

Margaret O. Goss ’78

Bob and Eunice Dougherty Graham ’63

Samuel and Kathy Bowman Graham ’87

Brittany Graves ’08

Jacqueline Virginia Gray ’15

Roger and Margaret Shibley Gray ’77

Brandi N. Green ’03

Rich and Britt Radford Griffith ’97

Janice Carter Guedri ’74

Laura L. Hafer ’83

Basil and Allison Cupps Halberg ’03

Matthew and Polly Holland Hamilton ’93

Peggy Hanafin

Luann Wertz Hanchin ’78

Thomas and Jennifer Hanrahan

Sean Patrick and Margaret Casey Harp ’87

Sally Marks Harrison ’70

George and Laurie Zacharias Harrison ’78

Anna Harter

Katherine Hock Hartwell ’65

Kevin and Theresa Williams Harvey ’75

Johnny and Katherine Johnson Hatfield ’93

Tony Hawkinson and Amanda Viol

Julie E. Hawthorne ’99

Paul and Linda Timberlake Haynes ’75

Stephanie O’Connor Heintzleman ’81

David and Doreen Dowgielewicz Helmly ’82

Robert and Lori Mock Hendricks ’96

Paige Henry

Shane Henry

Marjorie Heywood

Dorothy Lenzi Hillgrove ’77

Jennifer Hess Hodge ’86

Jillian VanWinkle Hogan ’10

Harvey and Mary Jane Massad Hogue ’70

Matthew and Megan Wellford Hollomon ’02

Lowe and Sharon Williams Holston ’75

Wyatt and Sarah Keck Holzbach ’02

Sarah J. Holzgrefe ’63

Ned and Marla Hood

Brendan and Shannon Horan

Bethanie J. Hospedales ’19

Andy Jones and Kelly Howard ’98

Stephen and Margaret Camire Huber ’79

John and Danette Lee Hughes ’81

John and Lauren Cardwell Hughes ’98

David and Kimberly Womack Hulcher ’88

John and Diane Kuhn Hynes ’78

Isabella A. Iannini ’16

Steve and Paula Iannini

Kelly C. Irvine ’13

Anne Jamerson

David and Lisa Finnegan Jenkins ’78

Brian and Sara Burton Jennings ’01

Gabriella Johnson ’16

Kathy Erdman Johnston ’76

Megan L. Johnston ’12

Bud and Linda Jones

Kristen I. Jones ’16

Bruce and Sue Cates Jones ’71

Lecia Jones ’81

Sonia Rinker Jones ’86

Allison Pumphrey Jones ’87

Brandon and Jennifer Hopkins Jones ’97

Theodore Kaldahl

Joe and Mauritia Gauvin Kamer ’84

Ellen N. Kastelberg ’04

Sarah A. Kastelberg ’03

William and Liz Kastelberg V

Kimberly A. Keith ’84

David and Sarah McCarthy Kelley ’88

Terrence (BHS ’86) and Kelly Smith Kerner ’86

Beth Hughson Kinsey ’70

Drew and Jessica Durbin Kisamore ’03

Richard and Laura Davis Kline ’70

Jenna M. Klym ’06

Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74

Ronald and Susan Newcomb Kopecko ’68

Mark and Georgia Meyer Kukoski ’82

Theresa Laine

Michael and Katherine Laing

Mary Margaret Bucker LaLonde ’81

Alex and Bre Briley Lamkin ’02

Alison Metzger LaMura ’81

Dabney Lang ’22

Madeleine Lang

Dawn A. Leaming ’02

Sister Charlotte Lee, OSB ’60

Monte and Amy Boehling Lehmkuhler ’83

Elizabeth W. Leming ’01

Suzanne Wingo Lemmer ’72

Carol Lenzi ’68

Lenzi Family

Bob and Debbie Goodman Leshner ’73

Allie Coetzee Leslie ’81

Virginia Hanky Lewis ’73

Elizabeth A. Lewis ’81

Michael and Heidi Bandino Linck ’07

Beth Kennedy Linka ’02

Karen Lipscomb

Kimberly Loehr ’80

Laura K. Lonergan ’13

Ralph and Carol Lovelace

Larry and Mary Kathleen Puccinelli Loving ’97

Mary Claire Lumsden-Cook ’82

Milicent Loehr Lynch ’02

Rebecca S. Lynch ’08

Maura G. MacDonald ’13

Deana Lowery Machenberg ’88

Eve M. Maddock ’19

Kurt and Meghan Madel

Gena M. Malanima ’93

Elizabeth Marcello ’13

Chelsea B. Rekowski Vande Mark ’06

Ted and Carol Bliley Markow ’58

Erin Marks ’22

Sarah Elizabeth Marks ’16

Katie Nelson Marsh ’01

Kathleen News Marshall ’78

Ashley R. Martin ’07

  1. Ramsey and Rebekah Eddleton Martin ’71

Alex and Aimee Conyers Martin ’91

Kyle and Jayne Williams Martin ’78

Kevin and Ann Martinuzzi

Jordan E. Mason ’16

The Maurer Family

Anne Barrett Mayfield ’13

Caitlin Jacocks McAdorey ’01

Michael and Nancy Fulgham McCaig ’70

John and Deborah Warren McCann ’72

Allyson McCune ’13

Mallory K. McCune ’11

Stokes and Kristi Williams McCune ’82

Dennis and Joanne Tresnauk McDonald ’70

Tara E. McDonnell ’01

Clarence and Evelyn Vaughan McGill ’75

McGrath Family

Jordan C. McIntire ’07

Jamie A. McLeod ’01

Kelly McNally ’08

Kerry Marie McNally ’10

Meredith McNamara ’88

Paul and Kim Rowe McNamara ’84

Reilly A. McNamara ’16

Matt and Paola Goldman McNeil ’80

Mellow Mushroom

Sarah Melvin ’85

Margaret-Beth Nott Meyer ’61

Robert and Kathy Sowers Milburn ’78

Larry and Deborah Cox Mills ’78

John and Mary Stewart Johnson Mitchell ’93

Kevin and Alice Washington Mitchell ’88

Greg and Margaret Matt Monnett ’84

Skip and Anne-Marie Duling Montgomery ’65

Richard and Catherine Mertens Moore ’75

Sha’Lelia E. Moore ’19

Kathleen H. Morgan ’07

Margaret T. Morgan ’14

Donald and Michelle Ouellette Mosier ’83

Andy and Kelley Womack Mulcunry ’91

Dean Munro and Stacey Nelson-Munro

Stuart and Diane Briggs Myers ’68

Toni T. Napoli ’78

Arden B. Neighbors

Poggie and Buni Neighbors

Rob and Karen Kerner Neil ’76

Izabel Lane Nelson ’15

Morgan and Dawn Monahan Nelson ’87

Carol Berry Newcomb ’63

Casey L. News ’08

Sue Ragland Nichols ’78

Jarrod and Stephanie Brothers Nixon ’86

Philip and Christine Cogbill Noonan ’03

Cristin O’Brien ’06

Mark and Terri Roche O’Brien ’79

Mary O’Connell ’87

Pamela Caraker O’Connor ’75

Henry and Kathy Daffron O’Grady ’72

Mike and Debbie Rutledge Ochs ’78

Phillis I. Oeters ’75

Tom and Molly Shepherd Olejer ’01

George and Pat Schaefer Oliff ’57

Sheila Hudgins Oliva ’60

Kristen N. Ondishko ’03

Nancy Lundquist Osborne ’67

Val and Mary Murphy Ouellette ’59

Elizabeth A. Ouellette ’85

Emily R. Overman ’08

John and Robin Stumpf Owings ’89

Panera Bread Company

John and Rosie Boyd Parker ’80

Justin Vaugh and Carrie Parker ’02

Caroline Gerloff Parsons ’06

Clyde and Mary Cutherell Parsons ’66

Nipul and Shannon Carlton Patel ’00

Will and Sarah Ellington Paulette ’00

David and Samantha Conte Payne ’02

Cate Pemberton ’98

Catherine Dowd Pemberton ’68

Chad and Karen Waldron Perrine ’74

Mary Anne Bliley Peterson ’68

James and Amy Roussy Pickral ’95

Martha Gill Pilot ’85

Debbie Pleasants ’74

Francesca Pochily

Chris and Dee Dee Brooks Poe ’74

Derek and Valerie Saunders Poh ’97

Julie Madison Poh ’78

Abby M. Polzin ’08

Teresa Sullivan Pownall ’82

David and Stephanie Rowe Price ’85

Dennis and Dorothy Deason Price ’68

James and Caitlyn T. Quilter Price ’06

Bianca Puccinelli ’13

John and Sherri Rose Puccinelli ’85

Ralph and Mary Johnson Puccinelli ’60

Tim and Mary Beth Puccinelli Quist ’90

Renata J. Rafferty

Val and Karen Schaumburg Raham ’70

Robert and Patricia Raines

David and Cynthia Mendez Rayner ’80

Lauren E. Razzetti ’16

Bob and Kathleen Redmond, Jr.

James and Erin Shelton Rice ’02

David and Gretchen Kreuer Riemenschneider ’01

Tim McGranahan and Mary Riley ’84

Nora E. Riley ’73

Robert Family

Barnaby and Betsy Mathewson Roberts ’60

Matthew and Kathleen Riopelle Roberts ’88

Donnie and Barbara Holzgrefe Ross ’70

Pat and Julie Whelan Ross ’75

AnnaMarie Rossi

Dana and Sandra Baird Roussy ’69

Bill and Pam Royall

David and Michele Roche Rumsey ’70

Norman and Beth Stebbing Sandbach ’79

Joe and Katie Hamilton Sanderson ’99

Cecilia and Gerard Santos

Paul and Delores Saunders

Richard and Donna Kelly Saunders ’76

Victoria N. Saunders ’16

Ann Saxby Sayles ’64

Kris and Amber Abele Schlitter ’01

Kelsey R. Schmidt ’12

Janine M. Schroder ’80

Michelle S. Schroeter

George and Joan Hughson Schuette ’72

Nate and Amanda Branscomb Schwab ’93

David and Angela Liscio Scott ’73

Jay and Jennifer Sebastian

Arthur and Kathleen Ciucci Seidenberg ’63

Erica M. Seredni ’05

Chase and Anna Haley Seymour ’01

Renee Quate Sheehy ’73

Will and Sarah Kate Traynham Shepherd ’06

Kelly M. Shepherd ’07

Julie Steiner Shirley ’79

Susan Kane Short ’78

Matthew and Elizabeth White Singleton ’04

Travis and Ashley Mosier Sipe ’03

Ken and Lourie Simon Sledd ’73

Bryan and Robyn Young Smith ’93

Curtis and Alison Kelly Smith ’02

David and Michelle Solari Smith ’73

Eric and Nicole Smith

Ginnie Connell Smith ’85

Jayne Myers Smith ’70

John and Rebecca Cardwell Smith ’90

Matt and Miriam-Kennett Smith ’03

Sadie Smith ’13

Caitlyn S. Snead ’16

Christopher and Sara-Ellen Hulcher Snow ’99

Catherine Dart Solari ’58

Philip and Cathy Mann Spencer ’80

David and Kimberly Duke Spivey ’80

Scott and Erin McDonald Sprouse ’01

Gary and Chris Broughton Spruill ’73

Darcie M. St. Louis ’99

Larry and Mayra Medina Stafford ’70

Robert and Margaret Rollins Stanton ’73

Charity Stevens ’83

Linda Stewart

Anne Moses Stratton ’78

  1. Ann Straus ’68

Paul and Margaret Belton Strauss ’67

Mary Bentley Streat ’78

Chip and Cathy Moore Stumpf ’67

David and Juli Stumpf

Mary Shea Sutherland ’79

Samuel and Tammy Kiser Swecker ’87

Linwood and Beatrice Spinella Sykes ’55

Barbara I. Tait ’10

Ellen Tamol ’81

Kaitlin Slade Taylor ’10

Bryan and Maris Northup Terry-Wyatt ’93

Joan Testin ’79

Todd and Valerie Acors Thornburg ’96

Farruh and Asha Tiwari Tillaev ’01

Mary Edith Timmins ’76

Peter Shue and Kathleen C. Toler ’93

Tom and Carmela Liscio Tombes ’78

Garland and Janet Eliasek Toney ’70

Elizabeth M. Toomey ’79

Byron and Meg Boehling Traynham ’78

Rachel P. Trevillian ’16

Joe and Patricia LaPenta Tully ’74

Scott and Amy Turner

Colleen Twomey ’13

Dr. John and Jennifer Unger

Mike and Barb Upchurch

Joseph and Beverly Pfluger Vari ’02

Yvonne Hibbitts Vaughan ’66

Patsy Vlkojan Venema ’62

Mark and Terry Anne Wallmeyer Vita ’84

Garrett and Raphaela Hicaro Vlieger ’93

Sarah M. Vytlacil ’06

Eric and Megan DuMont Walker ’94

Mary Morehead Walsh ’92

Kyle A. Walton ’02

Michael and Anne Powers Walton ’71

Jason and Katherine Hardesty Warren ’94

Jean Carter Warren ’78

Mr. Jerome Maddock and Dr. Elizabeth Waterhouse

Bill and Jane Gragnani Watson ’86

Thomas and Sue Weber

Matthew and Carrie McCarthy Webster ’92

Christopher and Patty Lanier Weir ’78

Matthew and Stefanie Stewart Weir ’85

Travis and Shannon Geary Weisleder ’91

Gerry and Joyce Franko White ’72

Charles and Sandra Wilson Williams ’67

Kevin and Susanne Williams

Victoria L. Williamson ’06

Kathryn Wells Winn ’97

Dennis and Betty Michael Winters ’81

Kristen Witter

Hanna E. Wolpert ’10

Mary Fleming Woodle ’68

Dave and Terry Cluverius Worland ’81

Alice P. Wren ’12

Andrew Wyant and Kelly Geary ’93

Keith and Amber Berry Yancey ’02

Patse Brooks Younkins ’64

Chris and Robin Zachwieja

Helen G. Zachwieja

Turtle and Jennifer Short Zaun ’85