Immersion Experiences

Cultural immersion experiences are 7- to 10- day structured experiences traveling to domestic and international communities. Students are immersed in the day-to-day issues and root causes of a range of social justice issues while experiencing unique cultures and environments. Immersion experiences challenge students to engage with the realities of the world while reflecting on the values of human dignity and servant leadership. Students engage in cultural activities, participate in experiential learning, and make educational site visits – while living in the very communities that they are serving.

Students are invited to grow in each of these areas during the experience preparation, through the immersion itself, and in post-experience reflection. In addition to the weeklong program, the preparation and post-immersion experiences are an opportunity for students to learn and reflect about the people, issues, and realities they encounter, providing a way for a one-week program to become a lifetime transformation.

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Hinche, Haiti (2018)

El Paso, TX (2018)

Bristow, VA (2018)