Memory Tree

Saint Gertrude’s Memory Tree is a special way to honor loved ones who have passed away. Memorial tags are $10 per loved one or couple. As memorial dedications are made, the tree will grow more beautiful with an abundance of thoughts and prayers for those honored.

The tree is located in the front hall lobby and will welcome guests, students, faculty, and staff every day of the holiday season. It will remain up until January 6, 2020.

All dedications go toward The Fund for Saint Gertrude, which provides critical financial assistance for students, academic programs, educational initiatives, and faculty professional development.

To participate in the Memory Tree, please click here.

In Memory Of ...

The following names are those honored with memorial tags this year. This list will be updated throughout the Christmas season.


Tribute Recognition Name
Uncle Johnnie Erickson Anonymous
Eileen “MeMe” Philips Anonymous
Ankie Moore Anonymous
Rowena Tindall Anonymous
Jim Diemer Anonymous
James Crane Chancey, Sr. Anonymous
Edith Scott Chancey Anonymous
Brian Horan Anonymous
Tony and Susan Smith Anonymous
Marsha Gordon ’64 Carol Bagley Amon ’64
Jimmy and Doris Marrin Claire Baugh ’17 and Robin Marrin Baugh ’82
Scott Wisniewski Nicholas Bellaver ’22
Mary Boehling Will Bosetti Family
Betty Boehling Bosetti ’47 Bosetti Family
Sam Kerr “Papa” Andrew and Amy Boyd
Dr. John S. Ruggiero Jay and Mary Ruggiero Buhl ’83
Eileen “MeMe” Philips Alyssa ’20 and Christena ’23 Charnichart
Uncle Johnnie Erickson Alyssa ’20 and Christena ’23 Charnichart
Mary F. Schultz ’75 Class of ’75
Karen Foley ’75 Class of ’75
Mary Consolvo ’75 Class of ’75
Marion Carbery Lechowicz Meg and Drew Cogswell
Jennifer, daughter Debbie Copeland and Corie Copland ’22
John Copeland, husband and father Debbie Copeland and Corie Copland ’22
Jeanne V. Carretto Prin Cowan
Helen DeBlasio Adrienne Rodgers ’23
Peter Davis John and Marcia Davis
Robert Kressig John and Marcia Davis
Dick Farinholt Austin Farinholt ’20
Roberta Shorter Austin Farinholt ’20
Jim and Jerry Proffitt Jonni Proffitt ’63
John Farish Jonni Proffitt ’63
Katrina Golden ’86 Mary Fisk-Taylor ’86
Victoria Kidd Elliott Izabella L. Friend ’21
Dixie Lee Friend Izabella L. Friend ’21
Bing Arrighi Michael and Sheila Arrighi Gervasoni ’73
Amy Nash William and Betsy Nash Gibson ’07
Katherine B. Dorsk ’99 William and Joanna Newby Hamnett ’66
Mimi Sagnette Hunter ’66 William and Joanna Newby Hamnett ’66
Mary-Alice Hall Hulcher ’60 William and Joanna Newby Hamnett ’66
Claire McMillian Horton ’01 William and Joanna Newby Hamnett ’66
David and Tatiana Newby William and Joanna Newby Hamnett ’66
Marguerite Brooks Hock ’36 Katherine Hock Hartwell ’65
Carol M. St. Clair Katherine Hawkinson ’22
Rob Sullivan The Hoag Family
Lu-Ann Hickey The Hoag Family
David Palumbo The Hoag Family
Ken Hulcher, BHS ’83 Barbara Hulcher
Mary-Alice Hall Hulcher ’60 Barbara Hulcher
Genevieve Mink Gauvin ’48 Joe and Mauritia Gauvin Kamer ’84
Frances Wilkins Sarah McCarthy Kelley ’88
Robert Francis O’Connor Tim and Kimberly Ryan Kiefer ’88
Ed and Gloria Dougherty The Kreck Family
Tom and Nancy Kreck The Kreck Family
Rose Priddy LaVoie Crystal LaVoie ’93, Dabney Lang ’22 and Madeline Lang ‘23
Robin Wyatt Suzanne F. Loehr
Gina Marie Loehr ’73 Suzanne F. Loehr
Coconut Lovelace Abbey Lovelace ’14
Joyce Funai Lovelace Zacharias Abbey Lovelace ’14
Linda Dougherty-Zweifel Jens and Julia Zweifel Lund ’08
Paul Zweifel Jens and Julia Zweifel Lund ’08
Theresa Bliley Miller ’63 Ted and Carol Bliley Markow ’58
Ann Bliley O’Keeffe ’58 Ted and Carol Bliley Markow ’58
Claire McMillian Horton ’01 Katie Nelson Marsh ’01
Joe and Betty Bingler Katie Nelson Marsh ’01
Shelley Williams Sydney McInnis ’22
Carol Chiocca Bock Jordan McKenzie ’07
Joyce Pusey Clement ’49 Grace L. Neiswander ’19
Lucille “Jolly” Lyons Page ’20nv and Kelly Lyons Plageman ’89
Kathleen Johnson Edelblut ’66 Mark and Jackie Puccinelli
Henry and Justina Hinchman Dyson ’48 Addie Elizabeth Rodriguez ’15
Janet Rothert Allen and Kathy Rothert
“My sweet dad” Richard A. Schroeter, Jr. Michelle S. Schroeter
Pietro Scimemi Scott and Vita Scofield
Marie Scimemi Scott and Vita Scofield
Harold “Doggie” Smith Sadie Smith ’13, Abigail Smith ’20, Nan Kerner ’21, and Annie Smith ’23
Geneva Smith Samantha Smith ’23
Elizabeth Burgess Samantha Smith ’23
Nicholas Badida Samantha Smith ’23
Mary Badida Samantha Smith ’23
Joseph Burgess Samantha Smith ’23
Kaleen Pezzuti Samantha Smith ’23
Charles Rizzo Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Eleanor Rizzo Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Estelle Howard Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Edward K. Koenig Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Rosewell Koenig Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Lindsay “Linny” Koenig Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Laurel Koenig Frank Rizzo and Leslie Koenig Stack ’74
Deceased Members Class of ’67 Chip and Cathy Moore Stumpf ’67
Patricia Trevillian Rachel P. Trevillian ’16
Carol M. St. Clair Tony Hawkinson and Amanda Viol
Helen H. Miller Barbara Miller Whetstone ’63
Melanie Miller Sharpe Barbara Miller Whetstone ’63
Paul Whitmer Meredith Whitmer ’21
Fred Matheson Meredith Whitmer ’21