Freshmen Friends

Freshmen Friends is an exciting new spin on the Big Sis/Little Sis program! We all know how hard it can be to come into a new place and many of our incoming freshmen know few, if any, girls coming to Saint Gertrude with them. Having a Big Sister gives each girl someone to ask questions to, someone to reach out and be encouraged by and helps establish a sense of belonging.

The Freshmen Friends is our Benedictine Values in action! We are committed to helping our Big Sisters be amazing leaders, friends, and examples of Christ. The values of Hospitality and Community are paramount in this program; add in Listening, Respect for Persons, Peace, and more and we have the potential to create a program to truly love and support the newest members of our SGHS community.  

This new program will have only our freshmen and transfer students as Little Sisters. They will be matched with a current sophomore, junior, or senior student. Big Sisters will apply and be matched based on extracurricular, social, and academic interests. This is a voluntary program for the Big Sisters; all freshmen (“Little Sisters”) will participate.

The girls chosen as Big Sisters exemplify the Benedictine Values on a daily basis and are seen as important leaders and ambassadors for Saint Gertrude.

Expectations of the Big Sister in the new Freshmen Friends program:

  • Serve in a teaching/mentoring role
  • Introduce girls to school including logistics of daily life (Morning Gathering, lockers, etc)
  • Help them with general questions and getting acclimated
  • Assist in navigating new experiences including the Club Fair
  • Address questions about SGHS events, traditions, etc
  • Support her Little Sister specifically in times of high stress for new students (the first several weeks of school, exams, Song Contest, etc)
  • Participate in organized activities
  • Communicate with her Little Sister through the summer and plan 1-3 meet up opportunities

The formal program is over the course of just the first year although we are hopeful friendships will continue beyond!