Our Brother School

Benedictine College Prep: Our Brother School

Saint Gertrude High School is an all-girls school, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any boys around. Our brother school, Benedictine College Prep, partners with us on numerous events and areas of student life, such as:

Each senior sponsoring officer from BCP’s Corps of Cadets chooses one Saint Gertrude student from the junior or senior class to be his sponsor at special corps events such as Sponsors’ Day Review, Sponsors’ Ball, and several drill competitions in which the young men compete.

Theatrical Productions/Stuart Avenue Players
Benedictine cadets are invited and encouraged to participate in the fall musical, winter one-act, and spring play, and are welcome at all Stuart Avenue Players drama club activities.

During Homecoming weekend, Benedictine plays a football game at their home field. A vote is held at SGHS & BCP to choose senior, junior, sophomore, and freshmen princesses from Saint Gertrude nominees. A senior princess is crowned queen during halftime. Many alum of both SGHS and BCP attend the game and stage reunion events throughout the weekend.

Dances (including Prom)
Several formal and informal dances are held throughout the school year. All Saint Gertrude and Benedictine students are welcome at dances at both schools. BCP and SGHS students also work together to plan a joint junior/senior prom. Both SGHS and BCP students are allowed to bring guests from other schools.

Field Day
At the beginning of the year, students from SGHS and BCP participate in a field day on BCP’s campus. Teams compete in activities such as kickball, tug of war, soccer, softball, lawn games and many others. Later, students relax with a fun lunch. The entire day is a great way to get to know students from the other school.

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