Chapel and Liturgy

Liturgical Celebrations

Eucharistic liturgy is celebrated at least twice a month. It could be at St. Benedict Church, in our multipurpose room or in our chapel. These liturgies are sometimes with the whole school, with all the Theology classes during a particular period, shared with Benedictine or with St. Benedict Elementary School depending on the occasion. Father James Griffin has been assigned our chaplain by the Diocese. During the other two weeks of the month, we celebrate the Benedictine Liturgy of the Hours with each class in a chapel service as the Benedictine Sisters have traditionally prayed them.

We offer Reconciliation or Penance services once a year during Lent. Priests from local parishes are asked to come and assist us during this time. In the last three years we have begun the say the rosary once a month before school through the efforts of the Respect Life Club.

I have gained a stronger relationship with God and my faith. I have been shown how important it is to have God in your life and that anytime is a good time to pray.

– Cannon Keller, Class of 2014