An endowment is a long-term investment in Saint Gertrude High School that provides benefits to students, faculty and programs year after year, generation after generation.

Gifts are held in perpetuity to support various needs of the school. Each year the funds are invested, generating income to supplement the budget and philanthropic revenue.

An endowment creates financial stability, allowing Saint Gertrude to be less dependent on unpredictable sources of revenue, such as annual gifts. Resources from endowments fund a rich variety of activities such as scholarships for talented students, financial aid for students whose families are unable to pay full tuition, support for the visual and performing arts, maintenance of the OAC, or support for other programs.

An endowment can be established with a gift of $25,000. The amount can be given over a period of time by one or more donors. Once an endowment fund reaches $25,000, it takes one full year before it can begin to spend.

Saint Gertrude High School is committed to building a strong endowment to deliver greater value and attain higher levels of quality than would otherwise be possible.

If you are interested in learning more about endowment giving, please contact Michelle Schroeter at mschroeter@saintgertrude.org.

You can also give via the Venmo app. Our account name is “SGHS Giving.”