Uniform Information

Students at Saint Gertrude High School are required to wear a uniform. You can find all information on the uniforms below.

If you’d prefer to view the information in a PDF, please click here for uniform info and here for shoe info.

Uniform FAQs

The below information is shared directly from FlynnO’Hara.

FlynnO’Hara is Now Shipping (for free!)
First and foremost, FlynnO’Hara is excited to announce that they have begun shipping online and phone orders from their Philadelphia distribution center!  Please note that delivery times will be delayed as we work back up to full operational capacity.  FlynnO’Hara will continue to offer Free Shipping on all online and phone orders as long as stores remain closed.

Retail Store Updates
As of now, all 34 of the FlynnO’Hara retail stores remain closed and do not anticipate any locations opening to the public until mid-June at the earliest.  Reopening dates will be determined on a state-by-state basis according to local guidelines, along with an internal company evaluation of safety and readiness. FlynnO’Hara is doing everything in our power to resume normal business operations as soon as they can, but they will not reopen stores to foot traffic until they are confident that the proper measures are in-place, and that their staff is trained to ensure the safety of both customers and employees.

At the very least, they know that when they reopen, it will be with reduced capacity and highly modified in-store processes (for example, most stores will only be able to accommodate a fraction of normal foot traffic, and it’s unlikely that it will be safe for customers to try on products for size).  As such, it is critical that we encourage students to shop online if they can, and to shop earlier in the season to avoid an August rush.

In order to relieve some of the financial burden of back-to-school shopping, FlynnO’Hara will be offering discounts ranging from 5%-20% off during the months of May, June, and July.  These discounts will be offered online only and will be tiered in order to incentivize customers to shop early, and to shop online 

After 50 years in business, and almost two decades of e-commerce, FlynnO’Hara knows the reasons why some students prefer in-store shopping to ordering online, namely: sizing concerns, shipping costs, discomfort navigating online, and an inability to receive packages to their homes.  Knowing that remote shopping will be the safest options for students this summer, they’ve implemented the following initiatives to address customer concerns:

For the customer concerned about sizing: At-home measuring resources
One of the biggest challenges customers face in shopping online is how to choose the right sizes for their student. So, they’ve developed the following measuring resources to help customers make accurate, informed decisions from home:

    • At-Home Measuring Tutorial: This short video shows parents how to measure  for clothing dimensions using either a soft measuring tape or a piece of string. The video then offers guidance on where to find – and how to use – FlynnO’Hara’s size charts to choose the right garment sizes for each of their uniform products! View the girls video HERE!
    • At-Home Measuring Kit: Customers who don’t already have a measuring tape at home can easily order an at-home measuring kit from their website.  The kit is free and will arrive at their doorstep in just a few days!  The order form for this kit will be available on their site soon.
    • Size Charts: Finally, each uniform item at Flynnohara.com now has a product-specific size chart linked beneath the website product listing for reference.

For the customer who prefers a personal touch: Phone lines are open!
For customers who prefer a personal touch or are uncomfortable navigating their e-commerce platform, the FlynnO’Hara customer service team is available Monday-Friday from 9AM-5PM to take orders over the phone.  These hours will be expanding to evenings and weekends as they move back into the summer season. Up-to-date customer service hours can be found HERE.  Please note, discounts will be applied to phone orders!

For the customer who can’t ship home: Buy online and pick-up in store
For customers who have trouble receiving deliveries at home, FlynnO’Hara will be offering the option to buy online and pick-up orders at one of their local stores.  Although their stores are currently closed, it’s likely that this in-store pick-up option will become available to students before their stores reopen to foot traffic.

For the customer concerned about added fees: Free shipping!
As outlined above, while their stores remain closed, FlynnO’Hara is offering free shipping on all online and phone orders with promotion code FREESHIP.  Once their stores reopen their doors, they will continue to offer free shipping over a minimum order value threshold.

Return and Exchange, School-Year Warranty
FlynnO’Hara’s sincere hope is that their generous product warranty and return policy will provide some peace of mind to customers shopping earlier this year.  As always, FlynnO’Hara will accept returns / exchanges on any unworn products (with tags) up to one year from their date of purchase.  Additionally, their school year guarantee remains in effect: if customers aren’t satisfied with the way their uniforms are holding up, they’ll replace them up to one year from the date of purchase – no questions asked!

Unfortunately, we are unable to host Uniform Day this year due to COVID-19.

School uniforms promote a single standard of dress. The school environment becomes less socially competitive and more focused on learning. Uniforms help build a sense of community and create an atmosphere of belonging.

Uniforms save on everyone’s budget and our students will tell you that by wearing a uniform your daughter will know exactly what she has to wear each day. No decisions, no worry, and most importantly, no fuss. In other words, your daughter can concentrate on more important things such as her academic success.

Skirt: SGHS Plaid Kilt
Blazer: Green Blazer with Logo
Shirt: White button-down Oxford Shirt (L/S or S/S), Green SGHS Logo Polo (L/S or S/S)
Sweater: Green Crew-neck with Logo, Green Cardigan with Logo, Green Fleece with Logo (full zip or quarter zip), Green sweatshirt with Logo (quarter zip)
Socks: White, Forest Green, Black, or Gator Logo socks
Shoes: Black Shoes

In winter for added warmth students may wear a white turtleneck, white, forest green, or black tights, or black leggings.

Blazers are used for special occasions. Sometimes the dress uniform is required. This includes a kilt, a white button-down oxford shirt, hose, blazer, and black flats. White gloves are used for Song Contest.

The SGHS polo is available in both long sleeve and short sleeve. The polo may not be worn with the blazer. For special events requiring a blazer, a white oxford shirt must be worn.

Below is a list of shoe choices that have been approved by SGHS. These are suggestions. Any all black enclosed low top shoe is acceptable.

Converse Chuck Taylor II Low Top (black on black)
Sperry Topsider (all black)
Clarks Wallabees Low Suede (black)
Vans LowPro (black on black)
Toms Classic (all black)
Dansko Pro Clog (black oiled leather)
Doc Martens 1461 3-Eye (black)

There is no official SGHS P.E. uniform. Students wear T-shirt, shorts, and athletic shoes. The P.E. teacher will discuss appropriate gym wear on the first day of class.

We recommend:

2 Kilts
1 Blazer
2-3 White Oxford Shirts (L/S or S/S)
2-3 Green SGHS Polos (L/S or S/S)
1 SGHS Cardigan Sweater and / or 1 SGHS Crew-neck Sweater and / or 1 SGHS Fleece (full zip or quarter zip) and / or 1 SGHS Sweatshirt (quarter zip)

You are welcome to buy more or even less than what is stated. It depends on your budget and your washing cycle.

Yes. We have “tag days” at SGHS. If an occasion arises for a special theme, students may pay the specified donation to wear regular clothes that fit the theme of the day. This donation always goes to a charity or towards a school project. If students do not participate, they must wear all of the correct uniform.

Appropriate and presentable clothes are allowed. This does not include sweatpants or jeans with holes. Any clothing that distracts other students may not be worn. (Complete Tag Day information is provided in the Student/Parent Handbook.)

On occasion, permission will be given for students to wear shorts. These shorts must be Bermuda length. If students have a fitness class on a tag day, they are expected to dress out and wear appropriate gym clothes for class.

White oxford shirts may be purchased at any store, e.g., J.C. Penney’s or even LL Bean or Lands End catalog. Boys shirts may be used. Just make sure they are white oxford with a button-down collar and are fitted, i.e. shoulder seams fit on shoulders.

Shoes may be purchased at any store. Enclosed, solid black shoes with black soles only; heel or wedge may not be greater than one inch. No duck shoes, no moccasins, no tassels, no shoes above the ankle.

White turtlenecks, tights and socks may be purchased at any store. Forest Green socks and tights should purchased through Flynn O’Hara to ensure the correct color green.

Black leggings may be purchased at any store. Just be sure there are no company insignias, they fit close to the leg, and have no obvious seams. Kilts and logo items must be purchased from Flynn O’Hara or from our used uniform shop. Gator logo socks are available from our Gator Shop.

Saint Gertrude High School’s uniform needs are fulfilled by Flynn O’Hara. Representatives from the company will be at SGHS on Uniform Day on Saturday, June 1 from 9:30 a.m. – Noon. Flynn O’Hara will have stock on hand for immediate purchase of all uniform items.

Some used uniforms will also be available on this date. Used uniforms may also be available during the summer months. Call Stacey Nelson-Munro (804) 708-9520 at SGHS for an appointment for purchasing used uniforms during the summer.

Flynn O’Hara’s Corporate Office: 10905 Dutton Road, Philadelphia, PA 19154
Toll-free number: 1-800-441-4122.
Email: atyourservice@flynnohara.com
Phone Order Hours: Monday thru Friday 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Flynn O’Hara has a Richmond store located in the Stein Mart Shopping Center at 9722 Midlothian Turnpike, Richmond, VA 23235. The phone number is (804) 327-9001. Contactless curbside pickup available at this location.

Store Hours:
Monday: 10 a.m. – 7 p.m.
Tuesday & Wednesday: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 10 a.m. – 5 p.m.
Sunday: Closed

You may also order via their website: www.flynnohara.com.