College and Career Counseling

College and Career Counseling Smooth and Stress-Free As Possible

Beginning with underclassmen, our counselors guide course registration of each student to ensure she is on the path to success based on her goals for the future. During junior year, counselors start the intensive college planning process with individual student conferences.

Senior year, the college counselor meets with each student to ensure their college application process is smooth and as stress-free as possible. Throughout the entire process, our school counselors work with students and their families to maximize choices that best suit students' interests and aspirations.

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  • 9th Grade

    Who am I?
    • Scoir: College Readiness Platform
    • Implement 4-Year Graduation Plan
    • Explore Personality Traits
    • Explore Extracurricular Activities
    • Focus on Self-Management Skills
    • Underclassmen College Night
    • PSAT 8/9

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  • 10th Grade

    What are my interests & strengths?
    • Explore Career Interests
    • Focus on Involvement in Community
    • 16 Personalities Strengths Assessment
    • Revise 4-year Graduation Plan
    • Underclassmen College Night
    • PSAT

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  • 11th Grade

    Where do I go from here?
    • Understanding College FIT
    • Engage in College Representative Visits
    • Standardized Test Preparation
    • Financial Literacy
    • Individual Junior Meetings
    • Revise 4-year Graduation Plan
    • Junior Parent College Night
    • Common Application Workshops
    • Initial College List Review
    • PSAT

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  • 12th Grade

    How do I get there?
    • Continue to Engage in College Representative Visits
    • College Application Assistance
    • Individual Senior Meetings
    • Review Graduation Status
    • Senior Parent College Night
    • Financial Aid and Scholarship

College Matriculations - Accepted

College Matriculations - Attending

BSoR College Counselors

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