The Arts

The Arts at Saint Gertrude Create, Perform, and Shine

Whether through coursework, extracurricular activities, or participation in the annual play and musical, students are offered a wide range of artistic outlets to explore that individually encourage the self-expression of their God-given talents.

The study and development of fine arts skills complement education through creativity, curiosity, passion, respect, and appreciation of one another’s intellectual hunger. Saint Gertrude students learn to comprehend the world in many ways through the study of visual and performing arts. In addition, the study of the contemporary fine arts enables students to develop the broader abilities of creativity, problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, perseverance, and accountability.

Visual Arts

In Saint Gertrude’s visual arts program, students are encouraged to focus on making creative works that reflect an understanding of the elements and principles of art, while exercising choice in subject matter and style. Students who develop an interest and excel in these forms of art can explore them further through AP level courses. Our courses are designed to introduce students to art, as well as to prepare advanced art students for a collegiate experience. Saint Gertrude artists regularly display their work on campus, at community art shows, and at local businesses.
    • SGHS Student Painting
    • SGHS Choir Singing

Performing Arts

Our music courses are designed to educate on the study and execution of musical performance while fostering a life-long love of music. In the theater, students learn to create, perform, and respond as actors to convey ideas and communicate meaning, and gain practical skills for working backstage on productions.

The arts are essential for each student because they are vital to understanding cultures, conveying ideas, and discovering who we are. We believe art is one of the many ways our students share their God-given talents with others. Therefore, all students participate in at least one contemporary fine arts course during their time at Saint Gertrude.