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Leadership Girls Can and Girls Will

Our goal is that every Saint Gertrude student will graduate with the confidence and ability to recognize and accept the leadership opportunities to which she is best suited.

Developing Leadership Skills

Developing leadership skills has been an integral part of a Saint Gertrude education for as long as most faculty and alumnae can remember. Our goal is to prepare every graduate to advance into the world with confidence and the ability to engage her unique leadership capabilities for the greater good of humankind.

“Leadership” means more than taking the seat at the top of an organizational chart. It encompasses a combination of purpose-setting, caring, communicating, and relating to others. It demands curiosity, persistence, and initiative. Further, as a faith-based institution, we believe leadership must be rooted in a well-developed ethical and moral foundation, nurtured by a vision and desire for a more just world.

We believe that leadership education belongs at every level of the school experience. Toward that end, we have incorporated an age-appropriate program of skill-building that begins with the freshman year and adds greater levels of complexity and comprehension as our students mature.

Beginning with self-awareness and discovery, through exercises in team building, public speaking, creative problem solving, and administrative responsibility; and culminating in sophisticated problems of ethics, community leadership, and philanthropy, our students discover the roles and styles of leadership that work for them, and learn to put these lessons to work in everything they take on.

Amy Pickral '95, Head of School

At Saint Gertrude High School, developing each young woman’s leadership potential is central to our educational program.

Did you know…

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  • Girls’ school graduates report a higher level of self-confidence than their peers graduating from coed schools.

  • According to the National Coalition of Girls' Schools, women who attended single-sex schools tended to outscore their coeducational counterparts on the SAT. Mean SAT composite scores (Verbal plus Math) are 43 points higher for single-sex graduates.

  • Girls have the opportunity to occupy every leadership role available: every seat in student government; every office in a club; every position on a team; every part or behind-the-scenes responsibility in a production.