Go Gators!

SGHS Athletic Programs Strive for Excellence. Self-Discipline. Sportsmanship.

The bonds and friendships created on an athletic team at Saint Gertrude are undeniable. Our athletic program has a rich history of promoting the importance of athletics for young women, evident by our state championships in the 1950s. Today, the Gators have numerous offerings for sports throughout the year, with each student-athlete sharing the goal to grow and improve each day and to be supportive teammates for one another.

Saint Gertrude’s athletic program strives to teach students physical and mental skills, self-discipline, and sportsmanship, while motivating athletes to strive for excellence. With last year’s basketball state championship, Gator athletics are set for future success across all its 18 teams.

Given that over 70% of the student body participates in sports, Saint Gertrude’s athletics department works with athletes to help appropriately balance academics, athletics, and family lives. As a former D-1 athlete and coach, Athletic Director Fran Pochily strives to support coaches and student-athletes to establish the framework for a healthy physical and mental lifestyle and instill the love of sports and team that will last a lifetime. Go Gators!

Team Info

Audrey Munro ’24

"Being a three-season athlete at Saint Gertrude is teaching me lessons that will help me succeed in college and later in life. Practice and perseverance are key in every sport that I play at SGHS. The challenges that our teams face each season require me to push forward when things get tough. Through dedication and perseverance, I have become a stronger athlete, a more confident student, and a part of something bigger than myself."
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Athletic Staff

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  • Photo of Fran Pochily

    Fran Pochily 

    Director of Athletics
  • Photo of Robyn D'Onofrio

    Robyn D'Onofrio 

    Teacher/Athletics Assistant
  • Photo of Kurt Von Bargen

    Kurt Von Bargen 04

    Teacher/Strength and Conditioning Coach
  • Photo of W. Barry Gibrall

    W. Barry Gibrall 64

    Teacher/Coach's Club