Student Life

Community Service

Reinforces the Benedictine Values of Hospitality, Stewardship, and Community

Service to the community is one of the Benedictine core values of Saint Gertrude High School, and the goal of our community service program is to inspire students to become empathetic, impactful leaders in the local and global community. 

Community Service

Each student is required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of service to her community by graduation. By connecting with organizations that align with their passions and skills, students learn how to make a lasting, meaningful difference in the world around them. Along the way they build greater empathy, a deeper understanding of important social issues and human rights concerns, and the knowledge that they have both the power and the responsibility to use their voices in service to and in support of others.

In addition to individual service-learning projects, there are several school-wide service initiatives throughout the year. Participation in these school-wide service opportunities not only enhances the spiritual growth of our entire community but also reinforces our Benedictine values of hospitality, stewardship, and community.

Joint Day of Service with BCP

Sponsors and Benedictine’s sponsoring officers collaborate with administration to facilitate an annual Day of Service for the Benedictine Schools of Richmond. In one school day, all students, faculty, and staff from both schools disseminate across the Richmond area to provide service to as many community organizations as possible. In addition to area schools and nursing homes, past partner organizations include Goochland Cares, Richmond Toolbank, Woodland Cemetery, Sleep in Heavenly Peace, Rise Against Hunger, and Feed More. This combined Day of Service brings our two school communities together for a united cause of making the largest impact possible in a four hour long event in Central Virginia.