Athletic Training

Saint Gertrude High School Athletic Department partners with VCU Health Sports Medicine to provide an on-site certified athletic trainer to provide quality support for all student athletes, whether they are in-season or not. The athletic trainer’s responsibilities include emergency medical care for student athletes injured during play, evaluation and rehabilitation of athletic injuries, and communication with and referrals to other medical professionals including sports medicine doctor, physical therapists and orthopedics. The athletic trainer’s main objective is to protect the wellbeing of every athlete. The athletic trainer is onsite during all practices and games to ensure safety. Athletic trainers are licensed health care providers and can evaluate, diagnose and treat most any athletic injury including concussions. Concussion baseline testing is performed at the beginning of each athletic season.

Athletic Training Hours

Sadie Smith:

Monday-Friday, 11:30 to 7:30 p.m
(or end of all the games/practices for the day)

Saturdays for games and practices
(half hour prior to start of the session)

Students must have an yearly physical on file in order to participate in a sport at Saint Gertrude. Each year, a new physical is required, which can be completed after May 1 and is valid through June 30 of the following school year. Athletic-Participation-Physical-Examination-Form