Song Contest


Again this year, due to COVID restrictions, we cannot accommodate any outside spectators. Instead, the students will perform Song Contest on Friday, April 23 in the BSoR auditorium, and a professional video of the performance will be available online that evening for all members of the SGHS community. We hope that although families cannot cheer their daughters on live and in-person, being able to celebrate with them through a viewing party that evening will still be meaningful and fun.

One of our oldest and most treasured traditions, Song Contest is the highlight of the school year for many. Song Contest is a musical competition among the four classes, held every year at the Altria Theater in downtown Richmond. Over 3,000 people pack in to see each class present a program of familiar tunes with original lyrics, along with the Saint Gertrude High School alma mater. Judging is based on music, lyrics, spirit, leaders, and class participation. The order of class performance has been determined by a drawing.

Each class is represented by their class colors, and a first and second place is awarded by three judges, one of whom is an alumna of the school and two others who have been selected for their musical background and expertise.

In the week leading up to Song Contest, the classes decorate the hallways with their colors and theme, perform for their classmates, and rehearse, rehearse, REHEARSE.

This year’s Song Contest will be held:

April 23, 2021
Benedictine Schools of Richmond